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Pastor Jon Jolly

Jon originates from the South Wales Valleys, the heartland of a former hard working class mining area and a town in which the NHS was birthed, Tredegar. He was born into a non Christian home and raised on a council estate in what was once regarded as one of the poorest areas in the UK.

Experiencing the loss of his mother at a very young age added to the turbulence of his teenage years.

However, through the ministry of the Reverend Bruce Powell & witness of a local evangelical church, (Castle Street ) Jon’s life was completely transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This led him at a young age to share the Gospel with family, friends and many who lived on his Estate.

Later on Jon began a career in Paediatric Nursing, married Rachel and settled down to family life in South Wales. Pets came along...and then came kids..three in fact. Jon continued to serve in his local church in whatever way he could. Children/Youth work, serving as a deacon and preaching around the valleys. In the late ‘90s Jon undertook the EMW ministerial course to deepen his commitment to leading others in their faith.

Despite several personal tragedies the Lord Jesus Christ has remained faithful and kept Jon from making shipwreck of his faith.

Events changed in 2007 when Jon and Rachel relocated to the Highlands of Scotland with the NHS. During these years it became clearer that Full Time ministry was an option. To this end Jon entered training at the Free Church of Scotland College (now ETS). Following completion Jon took up the role of Pastor at Living Hope....(now that’s another story).

Jon’s personal mission in ministry is summed up in our church motto:
God centered, Family focused, a church beyond walls.

Jon, along with many others is convinced of the great and urgent need for Christ to revive His church by His Sprit both locally and nationally and to bring another Great Awakening.

rouse the church and raise the dead
Oh that You would rend the heavens and come down...

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