September 8, 2019

Who am I ? Discovering Jesus.

Passage: John 6

Bible Text: John 6 | Preacher: pastor Jon | Series: Who am I ? Discovering Jesus | Jesus Christ. A man all authentic histories of the world cannot but acknowledge. A man of history who made history. A man well worth to be checked out. Why is he of such significance to people of all generations, especially the 21st century? In our local church you’ll meet people from all “walks of life”. Professional people, ex prisoners and criminals,factory workers, business owners, people unemployed, students and a lot more. Yet all these people have encountered Jesus Christ. Join us as we begin a new series of exploring who is Jesus. We begin with some powerful statements he makes about himself. Read them yourself in the Gospel of John. They’re known as the “I am’s of Jesus. This message is just an intro. Next week Lord willing we’ll dig a bit deeper about Jesus describing himself as ,” I am the bread of life”…listening how he would answer the question,”Who am I ?”