October 13, 2019

Who am I? Discovering Jesus: I am the resurrection & the life

Passage: JOHN 11

Bible Text: JOHN 11 | Preacher: Pastor Jon Jolly | Series: Who am I ? Discovering Jesus | Grief and death ! The anguish,agony and awfulness of it is brought into reality in this scene from our Lord Jesus. No cliches please! No candyfloss sentiment…it’s a scene in which we’d rather not be…irrespective of faith or no faith. Listen as we hear of a sister who’s paralysed and locked in grief at the death of her brother…a woman who’s prayed and received no answer…if you’ve been there..or are there now this message will bring you a tender Christ full of love and goodness, One who has full control and able to command Life into a hopeless and dead situation. This is Jesus!