March 24, 2019

The assault of man : The assault of heaven

Passage: Luke 10:25-37

Bible Text: Luke 10:25-37 | Preacher: Pastor Jon Jolly | Series: Compassion | In recent days we have all been appalled and shocked by the recent atrocities by the hands of terrorists in our world. We have heard of Muslims and Christians being slaughtered. As we approach this timely passage of the “Good Samaritan” we’ll be reminded that labels such as “militant extremist”, “Muslim” and “Christian” can detract us from their deeper status… every human being is our neighbour irrespective of their ethnicity, religious or political beliefs.The people who have been assaulted were fathers,brothers, sons,mothers,daughters…people who loved and were loved. People who watched TV, followed English premier football clubs, drank wine and were known in their places of study and work. Such were those who died and those who killed. Who could do such a shocking thing? Man did! It’s deeply disturbing and offensive to our inner most beings. One of our kind did… But listen further as we learn how heaven responds. It’s shocking. It’s unbelievable. The heart of the teaching and mission of Christ was to demonstrate that God alarmingly shows compassion to evil,wicked men. People who don’t just murder but people who steal,commit gross sexual abuses,people who commit adultery,people who steal and commit fraud, people who deal in drugs and vice etc etc… people like us..neighbours ! It’s the world Christ came into! A world that rejected and broke the ” good neighbour rules”… and world that rejected the Good-neighbour in heaven,God!
Remember,Jesus was rejected and crucified by “His own”. Yet, for the undeserving,guilty and vile Jesus came for. For the spiritual sick He came to heal and restore. This message of Christ will seem offensive to many but if you are aware of your guilt against your fellow man as well as against heaven then hear of the only hope for your soul. Listen to how God in the person of Christ has assaulted earth in mercy. Love on the offensive! Unless grace is amazing we haven’t really understood the Great news of the Gospel. Listen on…