November 25, 2018

God’s graffitti

Passage: Daniel 5

Bible Text: Daniel 5 | Preacher: Pastor Jon Jolly | Series: DANIEL | Hear of a son (Belshazzar) who tried to drown out the reality and truth of God by drinking deep from the cup of pleasure. For years he had lived a delusion. He had denied to read the writing on the wall of God’s justice ,grace and mercy. He chose to ignore to read the evidence in front of his own eyes. He sought happiness according to his own scale of measure..which resulted not only in the misery of many people but also in his own miserable downfall. Suddenly, the plug is pulled..the music stops,the bar is closed…it’s time to face God…and here’s one man who’s not ready for such an untimely and unavoidable appointment. The writing’s on the wall!

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