July 7, 2019

Filthy made clean: Blessed are the pure in heart

Passage: matthew 5
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Bible Text: matthew 5 | Preacher: Pastor Jon Jolly | Series: Kingdom of God | This sermon was set in the context of our Communion service. For the sermon though,just imagine the scene. It’s the Last Supper. Jesus has invited those whom He “loved to the end”. Set your eyes on Peter the ” denier-to-be-“. He’s sensing the weight of his own personal uncleanness before Jesus, who stoops to wash his feet. He cries out in effect for Jesus to wash all of him, inside and out, because he knows he’s filthy all the way right through. Hear the response of Jesus…. ” You are clean or pure!”…. welcome to “Blessed are the pure in heart”. A message for filthy sinners…