February 3, 2019


Passage: matthew 23:25-26,Romans 1:18-25,Romans 3:21-26
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Bible Text: matthew 23:25-26,Romans 1:18-25,Romans 3:21-26 | Preacher: Pastor Jon Jolly | Series: Ad hoc Communion | “Broken for you”, in this message which focuses our minds toward Communion we are reminded of some Biblical truths about what it means to be “broken”. We will explore how humanity made in the image of God, with God’s hallmark has broken off their relationship with a loving God by breaking His good and perfect Law. We explore some of the consequences of this for ourselves, others and above all God.Be refreshed as to how the Lord Jesus takes and even buys our brokeness and the consequences of this and becomes Himself broken for us. He breaks,destroys our polluted ” cups” and makes us anew and filled with His refreshing grace and mercy by His Spirit.

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