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The call of Christ is a call to serve Him in conflict.Christian truths are often found to be in conflict with the prevailing trends of world beliefs and practices.Following Christ is never going to be a cause for celebration in a secular-humanistic society, it's more like crucifixion! Listen as we find out how the Christian can stand their ground in a manner that is admiral and God honouring.
Happiness ! Is it possible to have it when the world is against you... even when your world has fallen apart. Not the cheesy smiley grin, but a depth of…
We’re told the pleasure industry is booming..nothing new there then? Jesus was tempted with all the pleasures a man could possess...pleasure from the praise and applause from the crowds, pleasure…
Kingdom living means living in accordance to what pleases the King without shame and guilt. Learn how God planned in the beginning to overrule the shame of Canaan from the ancient people that descended from Shem...through eventually the promised Messiah-Jesus. Listen to how God in Christ invades our heart, cuts off all shame and guilt and enables us by the Holy Spirit to both delight in God and be a delight...
Kingdom living means living in conflict! But also living in the power of the Spirit of the conquering Christ. Listen on..
This is the first of a new series looking at the kingdom of God as set out in the Gospel of Matthew especially drawing on Jesus’ teaching on the Sermon on the Mount. In this sermon we begin to see the context of what Kingdom means in the broader context of Scripture. Join us on a great journey as we seek to understand the kingdom , the King and our place in it.
Complete service : Testimonies begin at 56.19 sec Baptism : 1hr.32min
Was the the death of Jesus just an accidental series of unfortunate events? Listen on...
Hear of the love of God toward sinful outcasts such a us. God demonstrating His great love for us the "prodigal". Discover the love of God described as exuberant,extensive,enduring,empowering,eliminating and…
In recent days we have all been appalled and shocked by the recent atrocities by the hands of terrorists in our world. We have heard of Muslims and Christians being…
Will God accept me as I am? On what terms will God accept me? Deep questions that are explored in this account of Jesus encountering a man diseased and excluded because of his medical condition-leprosy.
Have you been in a helpless and hopeless situation? It's a most miserable place to be! What's worse is to be let down by someone you put your last drop…
When we take communion and look at the bread and the wine, what do we see? Rather, who do we see? Listen further as Pastor Jon unpacks for us the…
How do you view death? A tragedy? A triumph? Listen to Vincent as he unpacks the remarkable treasures of Christ's promises. Don't miss this!
Imagine the scene. You're in a crowd of loads of pretty upbeat,happy,smiley people. In the distance you see a large crowd approaching you. As you get nearer, the cheers and laughter in your crowd suddenly start to lower to the point of uncanny silence. You've stumbled across a funeral procession. A poor woman, a widow in fact has lost her one and only son. One minute you were in triumph now you're facing tragedy straight on. There's no where to run. What would you do? What would you say? How would you feel? listen to how Jesus'll shock you...
ow do you see people? Or do you just "look". We can look at the crowds around us... what conclusions do we arrive at? We look at social deprivation... the poor, homeless, the disabled and mentally ill... May be we look and make estimations of social class, wealth, education,achievements... We can do all this and miss out on seeing the person. Listen on... it may just alter the way you see others and even the person in your mirror.


February 10, 2019
Enjoy this song by one of our young folk,Honour. We've been given her permission as well as her mum's to share with you online... We were blessed in"the house"by her courage and commitment to sing for the Lord Jesus Christ.



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