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April 12, 2020

Good Friday Reflections

April 10, 2020
Reflections around the cross from ordinary folk who have been profoundly transformed by the death of Christ.
Join us for a refreshing time of song,prayer and devotion from the Bible.


March 22, 2020
During the global pandemic of COVID-19 where we are prevented with good reason to phyiscally meet together let's take advantage of available technology. Let's share together on-line. In this broadcast…

Ever found yourself in an impossible situation? Welcome to project Ninevah! A tale of a great city that finds itself in unexpected crisis. From the bottom to the top there's confusion,anarchy and violence in the streets. What a great opportunity for mission. But where do you begin? How would you prepare?


February 25, 2020
We hope you will join us as we seek God as a famly together and when we're apart. This guide will help us in our prayingfor one another. If you have any ideas how we can improve this then don't heistate to get in touch.
Jonah had a little plan that shut God out. God had a greater plan that would shut man in. In the depths of mystery God navigates His purposes.No creature or…
"Guilty as charged!" Here is a man sinking deeper and deeper in his guilt. Sinking to the point of death. He knows he's as guitly as hell. He knows there's nothing he nor anyone else can do. All his nightmares have come true and he's wide awake at the gates of death. What would you do?
It's only a short book but it's packed with dynamite! Join us on the " down,down,deeper and down" journey of Jonah. It's an epic journey that will challenge us as…
Grief and death ! The anguish,agony and awfulness of it is brought into reality in this scene from our Lord Jesus. No cliches please! No candyfloss's a scene in…
Join us as we celebrate the Lord's table. Reflecting that indeed He is the bread that was+ broken for our" brokenness" to make us whole again.
Jesus said He is "Good".In the current message Jesus exposes what "bad religion "looks like."Bad religion" seeks to take advantage of the disadvantaged. It breeds project fear,project pride and project…
From this passage we discover that God has NOT left the world in moral chaos for humanity to stumble in the dark. God has revealed his guide for help,protect…
Who is Jesus? What is he about? What has he done? Listen on to discover that the Carpenter from Nazareth was just that but also so much more! He is…
Jesus Christ. A man all authentic histories of the world cannot but acknowledge. A man of history who made history. A man well worth to be checked out. Why is…
What a welcome Jesus gives to His newbie disciples and prospective followers... Follow Me and it'll cost you everything! It's a call to war! How radical are you following Jesus?…
In conflict, sometimes God takes US out of it, at other times He takes the source of the conflict AWAY from us. It's great when this happens. However, for the…
We've said at the beginning and throughout this series that the Sermon on the Mount highlights that the Christian lives in conflict.Conflict within and conflict outside in every arena of…
This sermon was set in the context of our Communion service. For the sermon though,just imagine the scene. It's the Last Supper. Jesus has invited those whom He "loved to…
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